Mike Ivanov (mikeiva) wrote,
Mike Ivanov

Межплеменная рознь

Англичане за алгонкинов, а мы с французами, сталбыть, за гуронов.

Поглядев видео, решил выяснить, кто такие упоминаемые в нем muskrats. При помощи Википедии обогатился ценным знанием
The muskrat's name probably comes from a word of Algonquian (possibly Powhatan[3]) origin, muscascus (literally "it is red", so called for its colorings), or from the Abenaki native word mòskwas, as seen in the archaic English name for the animal, musquash. Because of the association with the "musky" odor, which the muskrat uses to mark its territory, and its flattened tail, the name became altered to musk-beaver; later it became "muskrat" due to its resemblance to rats.

Similarly, its specific name zibethicus means "musky", being the adjective of zibethus "civet musk; civet". The genus name comes from the Huron word for the animal, ondathra, and entered New Latin as Ondatra via French.
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